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COVID-19 Updates

Please check back often for the latest information about Wilmington CUSD 209-U updates and procedures regarding COVID-19.

A Message from Wilmington Cmty Unit SD 209-U

Attention Parents, Students, & Staff-

As we prepare for the upcoming beginning of the new school year, it is very important for everyone to be well informed and prepared in regard to the possibility of COVID related illness and all of the implications that could also present themselves.

Attached to this message is a copy of the return to work/school chart which has been included in our master return to school plan. It is based upon guidance received from the CDC and IDPH. It provides a pretty clear perspective of exactly how much time away from work and/or school will be required, based on multiple potential scenarios that may present themselves throughout the year. Although this will serve as a guide for our administration and school nurse staff, each case will be handled individually, working very closely with medical guidance provided by the Will County Health Department and IDPH. Please be aware that the re-testing strategy for return to work/school is no longer recommended and approved by IDPH.

Please know that one of our most effective tools to assist in keeping our students, staff, and families well and safe will be for all of us to simply stay home if we are ever experiencing elevated temperatures (100.4 or above) or potential COVID related symptoms. A significant component of our plan to return to in-person teaching and learning is the requirement for all students and staff to self-certify each morning that they are free of temperature and any symptoms. This self-check should be completed before leaving the house each morning. No persons with elevated temperatures or experiencing any symptoms will be allowed to enter and/or remain in any of our school buildings.

The known COVID-19 symptoms are: fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, fatigue, muscle and body aches, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, congestion or runny nose, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Students will also experience some periodic temperature and symptom checks after arriving to class; however, this does not take away the requirement for a daily self-certification at home each morning.

Any students who begin to experience any temperatures or concerning symptoms while at school will be sent down to a safe, designated area where they will have a temperature and symptom screening completed by a school nurse or office staff. Students experiencing COVID-related symptoms and/or elevated temps will be sent home as soon as possible, and parents will be directed to communicate with the child’s pediatrician. If COVID testing is recommended by the pediatrician, both Will County Health Department officials and Wilmington School District administration would request for parents to comply with the recommendation.

It is also important to be aware of implications related to ‘close contacts’ of suspected or known COVID cases. The Illinois State Board of Education and IDPH define this as someone who has been within six feet of a confirmed positive case for 15 minutes or longer. If a student or staff member is determined to be a ‘close contact’ of someone with a known COVID diagnosis, he/she will be directed by the health department and the school district officials to self-quarantine for 14 days from the date of most recent close contact.

Students and staff with known medical conditions that commonly cause symptoms that could possibly be construed as being COVID related, should attempt to get documentation from their doctor outlining specific details. However, please be aware that both students and staff may still be sent home from school at the time when symptoms present themselves until a doctor either recommends testing or provides current/updated documentation outlining alternative reasons for symptoms being presented. Each individual case will be handled in close coordination with officials at the Will County Health Department.

Again, it is of vital importance for all students and staff to faithfully complete a health related self-certification on a daily basis prior to coming to work or school. Anyone experiencing a temperature of 100.4 or higher, or experiencing any of the identified COVID related symptoms should not come to school.

Thank you again for your continued cooperation and understanding! We will continue striving to plan for a safe and successful return to in-person teaching and learning in the Wilmington School District.

Take care & stay well,

Matt Swick
Superintendent of Schools
Wilmington School District