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Frequently Asked Questions

Need answers fast? We’ve got them for you. We compiled all the questions most frequently asked of our district and school office staff and put them in one handy place. If you still have questions, please contact us. We are here to help.

What should we do if my child must take medication during school hours?

We prefer parents to administer medication in the home. However, students who must take prescription or over-the-counter medications during school hours must comply with the following regulations:

A physician must complete and sign a “Request for Medication Administration” form, which parents or students may pick up in the school office. School personnel may only comply with the physician’s written order, and we cannot administer any medication until the parent files this form with the school office.

Medication must remain in the original container or in a container properly labeled by the pharmacy or physician. The label must include the child’s name, the medication name, the dosage, and the time the student needs to take the medication.

Medication must remain with the district nurse or school secretary for proper storage during the day. If students need an inhaler or EpiPen, they must file a doctor’s written note with the office. We do not allow any medications in school unless prescribed by a doctor.

Parents must provide a physician’s name, address, and telephone number in case we need additional information or questions arise.

The district nurse must also approve the Request for Medication Administration form.

The parent and/or physician should inform school personnel of potential benefits and side effects of the prescribed medication.

In all cases, the school retains the discretion to reject a request for medication administration, depending on individual circumstances.

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Does my child need a physical to register for school?

A physical examination is important for preventative, diagnostic, and corrective purposes. Its purpose is to understand and follow up on any health conditions that may adversely affect the student’s well-being and ability to learn.

The following are requirements for physical examinations, according to the Illinois School Codes and the Illinois Department of Public Health.

  • Students entering into any Illinois school, at any level, must obtain a physical.
  • Students in pre-kindergarten or early childhood, kindergarten, sixth, and ninth grade must have a physical on record. Students must have the exam within one year of school start date, and it is valid for one year.
  • The state requires the parent to complete and sign the health history portion of the examination.
  • Students must have a physical on file prior to participation in a school sports program. This is also an IESA/IHSA requirement.

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What happens if my child is injured or gets ill while at school?

The front office will assess every injury presented. In minor incidents such as bumps, scrapes, etc., we treat the injury and the student returns to the classroom. We will contact parents at the discretion of the district nurse/designee, depending on the severity of the injury.

We assess all serious injuries, give first aid, stabilize the student, and then call 911. We will contact the parent/guardian once we follow these emergency procedures. Parents must keep the school informed of all numbers where we can reach a parent or guardian in the event of an emergency.

We will send home any child with the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Temperature of 100 degrees or above
  • Suspected or confirmed communicable disease
  • Other symptoms upon discussion with parent/guardian

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How much homework should my child bring home?

Homework is an extension of the classroom and a vital part of your child’s education. We also understand that families have responsibilities outside of the school day. Our teachers will assign homework to all students on a regular basis, Monday through Thursday. You should expect your child to bring home about 10 minutes of homework for every grade level. For example, a third grade student should expect about 30 minutes of homework per night while a ninth grader will have about 90 minutes of homework per night. If you find that your child cannot complete his or her homework within these general guidelines, please speak to your child’s teacher.

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How do I find out if school is closed due to weather?

Keeping our students and staff safe is of utmost importance. In the event of inclement weather, we will close school or delay the start of school. We utilize Blackboard Connect Notification Service to notify parents of schedule changes and other emergencies. Please read more about our Blackboard system in the Quick Links section of our Home page.

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