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It’s important to us that our parents and community members are up-to-date on important issues within our district. Visit this page and help us to celebrate the many accomplishments of our staff and students. Be sure to check in often so you’re in the know.

School Closing and E-Learning Update

We want to make sure we keep you informed. Please visit our COVID-19 page for the latest updates.

Wilmington High School Baseball Fundraiser

COVID-19 has affected a number of families, both directly and indirectly. The baseball program has decided to refocus fundraising efforts to benefit those in need while maintaining social distance. We are selling baseball fantasy sweepstakes tickets to help support Kuzma Care Cottage during these trying times. Tickets are $20, and each ticket we sell can provide Kuzma with $88 worth of groceries.

The Wilmington High School baseball fantasy sweepstakes ticket features a fun game with cash prizes based on pro baseball game scores. Plus, each ticket includes two local offers worth more than the $20 ticket purchase price!

Each sweepstakes ticket provides the chance to win one of six weekly cash prizes for each of the 17 weeks of the pro baseball season with the top weekly prize being $250!

You can make purchases online with a credit card. From here you can find our group and make a purchase. BoosterShot, our fundraising partner, will mail your ticket to you.

If the 2020 pro baseball season does not start as scheduled, we will determine weekly prize winners using the previous year's baseball scores until such time as the baseball season resumes. As always, we will announce winners every Monday online under the Sweepstakes tab, and our partner, BoosterShot, will mail checks to the winners. 

Please see our baseball fundraiser flyer for more information, and thank you for your support!