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Safety in Our Schools

The safety and well-being of the students and staff of the Wilmington 209-U School District is always a top priority. In light of so many school tragedies in our nation, and the rising concern for safety and preparedness from students and parents alike, we realize the crucial nature of being diligent and always looking out for potential dangers.

March 14 was national student walkout day, a day where hundreds of schools from across the nation took a stand to raise awareness about gun violence. Instead of walking out of their classrooms, WHS students, faculty, and administration, along with the Wilmington Police Department, led a meeting to remember those who lost their lives in Florida and discuss the importance of working together to ensure the safety and security of our schools. The audience learned about how our school officials, teachers, and local law enforcement work together to provide them with the safest environment possible. We truly do appreciate the continued support and cooperation of Chief Arnold and our Wilmington police officers.

We will continue to ask for your cooperation by reminding your children to never post anything online that others may construe in any way as a threat to the safety or well-being of other students or anyone else for that matter. In today’s culture, we must treat any and all potential threats seriously and the consequences for inappropriate messages, even if intended as jokes, can be very significant. Our children should understand the relevance of needing to speak up and share any information regarding threats or dangers of any kind. Every single concern or possible form of danger or harm is very serious and must be immediately resolved in the best way possible.

Celebrating Dr. Seuss at Bruning

Every year, students from all over the world celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Dr. Seuss stories have inspired children to read, create, and be proud of whom they are for all of their differences. His quirky and poetic stories have become a cornerstone of children’s literature, which is most likely why he is the ninth-best-selling fiction author of all time, having sold an estimated 500 million copies of his books.

At Bruning Elementary school, our youngest students have been celebrating the life and works of Dr. Seuss by participating in theme days based on some of his most popular titles. Each morning, Principal Beth Norman drew 20 names, and if the students were participating in the theme of the day, they got to pick a prize.

Reading is an essential tool for the growth and development of the brain. It starts at birth, and keeps us sharp until we grow old. Dr. Seuss stories have assisted both parents and teachers alike, to understand that the earlier we start to teach our children to love a good book, the more likely they are to become successful adults. Reading develops the mind; it helps build vocabulary, and improves understanding when listening. Dr. Seuss said it best, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you’ll go!”