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Bullying and Harassment

Bullying is not tolerated in the Wilmington School District. Our board policies, administrative plans, and school handbooks strictly forbid bullying, as well as any other form of harassment, intimidation, or discrimination. (Bullying may take various forms, including without limitation one or more of the following: harassment, threats, intimidation, stalking, physical violence, sexual harassment, sexual violence, theft, public humiliation, destruction of property, or retaliation for asserting or alleging an act of bullying. This list is meant to be illustrative and non-exhaustive.) The Wilmington School District Board of Education, administration, faculty, and staff commit to creating and maintaining a physically, emotionally, and intellectually safe educational environment free from bullying, harassment, and discrimination. The purpose of established policies, procedures, and plans is to ensure, to the greatest extent possible, that no one within our school community will be subject to any bullying, experiencing a secure, safe, orderly, respectful, and nurturing environment that promotes teaching and learning. Review related school board policies & bullying prevention plan: